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Yelp Total Optimization

An upgraded business page on Yelp is known as an Enhanced Profile. You can consider it a makeover for your Yelp page. The true benefit of an Enhanced Profile is increased conversion. In other words, more people that come to your page are likely to interact with (and ultimately choose) your business. Businesses with an Enhanced Profile see a 38% increase in leads on average.* Ultimately, it’s great if people find you and of course, discovery is important. However, once they find you, you’ll want your page to showcase the very best your business offers and help you stand out. Doing so will keep customers and clients on your page and help convert them into paid transactions.

An Enhanced Profile helps with business branding. It’s made up of three components that can all be purchased a la carte. Below is a breakdown of each specific upgrade:

  • Photo And Video Customization - You have a great business and it deserves to be shown off! Perhaps, you have great food, a memorable company van, or a shop tucked on the second story of a hard to find the building. With a free Yelp page, you can add photos to your page but with an Enhanced Profile, you can choose their specific order. Considering consumers regularly add photos to Yelp business pages to share their experiences, it’s nice to have the control to show your potential customers what you want them to see first. Not to mention, the photos rotate in a slideshow. This feature lets you bring your brand to your page and show it off.

  • Remove Competitor Ads - The great majority of free Yelp pages have competitor ads in the center and ads are also served on the side and bottom of business pages. These ads are from similar businesses that advertise on Yelp. These competitors are paying to be featured on your business page. Removing these ads makes people less likely to click off your page and more likely to choose your business.

  • Call To Action Button - Remember that 24/7 emergency banner that saved your imaginary self from a real-life Ratatouille? Well, that banner is the perfect complement to removing competitors and it’s known as a Call to Action button. A Call to Action button or CTA gets prominently featured on your page. It’s essentially a banner that makes it easy and simple for consumers to take a secondary step. For example, a gym might have a CTA that reads “1-Week Free Trial – Learn More.” Upon clicking ‘Learn More’ consumers can be taken straight to the gym website to fill out a form for a trail pass. Customization is also available depending on the device the user is on. For example, on mobile, it can be a click to call or a chance to map directions. Ultimately, the true value of a Call to Action button is catching a customer’s eye. If you want your customers to take a specific step or you’d like to

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