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How does SEO work?

Search engines like Google look at two things when evaluating a website and deciding where to rank it - relevance and trust. Relevance takes into account the quality of content on a website and the code behind the scenes. Building relevance means optimizing the code, and making sure the content accurately represents the business and the brand. Trust refers to how many other sites on the internet link back to a site. If a large number of high-quality sites point back to it and your content satisfies the searcher’s intent then the Google algorithm will start to trust it more and move it up in the rankings.

SEO: Every Business Needs It! 

Organic searches make up the bulk of all clicks on Google, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets businesses to show up at the top of these organic search results. 

  • 5.6 billion Google searches every day 
  • 63K Google searches every second 
  • 2.3 trillion Google searches in 2019 

Why is it important to be at the top? 

• 84% of searchers skip paid ads and click on organic search results 

• 90% of people never scroll to page 2 

• 61% of clicks go to the top 3 organic listings 

• 33% of clicks go to the #1 organic position

Starting SEO Now Positions Your Business For Success in the Future 

1. SEO Takes Time 

• We get 86% of our clients on page 1 in 6 months 

• If you start SEO now - you will be positioning your business for success in the future 

2. Get in the Game—Don’t Let Competitors Beat You 

• If you drop the ball, your competition can pick it up and run with it 

• With so many competitors stepping out of the arena, use this time to grow your business and position it strongly when the market stabilizes with SEO 

• Competitors who stay strong during this time have the perfect opportunity to outrank you- don’t let them start SEO today 

3. Invest in SEO Now to Improve Your Rankings 

• Keywords take time to rank, so it’s important to start now 

• Within six months, your keywords could be on the first page of Google 

• If you start SEO marketing now, your business will be positioned for success in the future. Look ahead and see where you want your business when this pandemic calms down 

4. Consumer Behavior Has Not Stopped 

In fact, with people staying home due to this pandemic, more people are spending their time online! Make sure they find you! 

• Organic inbound SEO leads convert 8x higher than outbound leads 

• Moving up one spot in the Google Search results can improve a site’s CTR by up to 30.8% 

• 81% of people research online before buying

Our SEO Process

1. Website Audit & Keyword 

Selection SEO specialists perform an audit of your website and determine which keywords will be most successful for you. We create a custom SEO package for you based on your location, market, and competition. 

2. Onsite Optimization 

We make sure all the content and HTML source code of your website are correct. This helps build RELEVANCE so Google and visitors to your website easily understand what you do. 

3. Offsite Optimization 

We promote your business online through quality content, online business directories, and link-building. This shows you are a TRUSTED source for the service or product you are marketing.

4. Real-Time Reporting 

You’ll have 24/7 account access to see the work being done on your site and the progress you are making.

5. Maintain Page 1 Rankings & Expand Your Reach with NEW Keywords 

Once you reach the top, we want to keep you there! We build on your success by strategizing with you on what services, products, and locations you want to focus on next. 

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