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How our SEO works

We’ve perfected a roadmap to success for our small business customers and we want you to always be in the loop on what’s happening with your SEO campaign. Here we’ve outlined approximately when your services will be completed and the types of results you should expect to see month to month. It’s important to remember that this is only an approximation. Your service delivery timeline can change and the results listed—while typical for our clients—might vary depending upon your website, industry, region, and other factors.

Month 1

This is a heavy lifting month. We’ll do extensive work on your keywords and website optimization.Rankings likely won’t improve quite yet, but it’s critical to lay a solid foundation for your campaign to have success going forward. During Month 1, we concentrate on the following:
✔️ Initial Campaign Setup
✔️ Keyword Research
✔️ Keyword Optimization
✔️ Website Audit
✔️ Website Optimization
✔️ Custom Content Creation
✔️ Business Profile Development
✔️ Analytics Setup

Months 2-5

These months are the core of your SEO campaign. We’ll complete your critical optimizations start spreading the word about your business all over the web.You should see noticeable improvement in your rankings as your online presence grows. We’ll also begin tracking secondary keywords to better understand how your overall reach is being impacted. The number of hours in your campaign each month will determine which tasks we can perform, but we will always provide a detailed report on the work we’ve done, keyword progress, and campaign strategy.
✔️ Link Portfolio Development
• Website Bookmarking
• Classified Business Listings
• Local Business Citations

✔️ Custom Content Creation
• Custom Article Publication
• Offsite Content Marketing
• Aged Article Inclusion
• Custom Blog Publication
• Onsite Content Changes
• Article Engagement
• Video/Image Implementation
✔️Ongoing Website Optimizations
• Google Search Console Creation & Installation
• Robots.txt Creation & Implementation
• XML Sitemap Creation & Implementation
• Schema Tag Implementation
• Canonical Tag Implementation
• Google Maps Integration
• 301 Redirect Mapping & Implementation
• Menu Edits
• Insert Nofollow Tags into Onsite Links
• Site Speed Optimization
• Link Detox Audit
• Onsite Broken Link Repair
• Standard Link Removal

✔️Campaign Reporting
• Monthly updates on campaign activities and keyword progress
• Recommendations for onsite tasks
• Monthly update on campaign strategy

Month 6 and Beyond

Our goal is to have you ranking of page1 of Google by month 6 of your SEO campaign. At this point we will take a deeper look at your tracking keywords to determine where we should focus our efforts to help you rank for even more search terms. It’s important to maintain you SEO activities so that you stay on page 1 and continue to expand your presence online. We will continue developing links, creating content, optimizing your site, and reporting on progress each and every month.

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