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Tips on Increasing Yelp SEO

Business description and information are not enough to put your Yelp page on the main screen of the users. You need to improve your SEO on your page so Yelp's algorithm can catch a glimpse of your page. Check these 5 easy steps on how to do it.

Yelp is very important for business owners to attract new customers and the same thing with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when it comes to the website and the traffic of it. So here we will give 5 tips on how to optimize your Yelp business page with SEO. Because we all know that Yelp also has their own algorithm and the ranking of it so you need to tweak and make some changes to your Yelp business page to improve your “rank” on Yelp. 

First thing first, make sure you already optimize your Yelp business page. Some of the things you need are: 

  1. Your business information (address, phone number, hours, etc)
  2. You should have some reviews already on your Yelp page
  3. You should have tons of pictures and photos of your business and you should have your profile picture. 

For more information on how to fully optimize your Yelp business page, please click HERE

Now let’s get down to business. Here are the 5 tips you need to know on how to increase the SEO on your Yelp business page: 

  1. Find your correct keywords and locations. Do some research and put a list of keywords and locations that you want to come up when people search for a business in Yelp. For example, if you’re a personal injury lawyer near Culver City, you’ll want to come up for things like “personal injury” when people are searching in Culver City, Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, etc.

  1. Optimize your business description. Pour out some keywords variations in your business description. Following the example before, we would add phrases like “personal injury attorney, XYZ company is the place to call..” etc, etc. You can always review your competitor’s business descriptions who are already ranking highly and see how long their description is. In this context, emulation without exact imitation will help your success

  1. Optimize the specialty section. This is the area where you can add all of your specific services & products! List every service and product you provide here. The ones that are most important to you should be listed first. For example, for a personal injury lawyer, you don’t want to put just “lawyer” because it is too broad. 

  1. Fill out all of your service cities. A lot of business owners don’t know that there is more than one location option in your Yelp settings. You can add multiple service cities! Please make sure to add the closest neighborhoods that you want to rank for in addition to your main city. If you put the biggest city, again, it will be too broad for Yelp to rank your business page. 

  1. Encourage them to share their experience. Make sure that your customers know WHAT you have done and WHERE. This will help online review and listing algorithms to automatically show the result of what other people search in reviews with keywords for your services and locations!

Extra tips: Yelp now offer a lot of features that can help business owners to fully optimize their Yelp page such as “Negative Keywords”, “Badges”, “Business Highlights” and many more. Contact us for more information and we can give you more features since #SMART is officially a Yelp Business Partner. Call us today! 

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