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We improve the professional lives of entrepreneurs so they can live the personal lives they have always wanted

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Be A Difference Maker

You will have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people to get what they want.

"GET to" not "HAVE to" Mentality

We are so fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to work with local small and mid-sized businesses on building the company and life they truly want.

See the Good in Every Difficulty

We have learned that every challenge in life and business is an opportunity to get better for ourselves and for our clients.

Be Ambitious, Fueled by Compassion, Integrity and Wisdom

We know the difficulties business owners face on a daily basis.  That is why we pride ourselves bringing a positive impact to our clients lives with each and every interaction.

Military Mindset

Not only are we a Veteran Owned Business, but we take care of those who took care of us.  We offer discounts and promotion to any Veteran Owned Business.


Paul Mackiewicz

I am the Founder and CEO of #SMART Business Consulting and have been involved in rapid business growth everywhere I’ve stopped.  As a US Army Veteran, serving in Iraq in 2003-2004 in OIF/OEF, I learned the true meaning of discipline and working for the good of the team.  The other major lesson I learned was that efficiency is key to the success of a mission while minimizing losses. 


- Increased the revenue of a  golf entertainment business by 53% in 15 months by optimizing digital advertising strategies
- Built a 5 location Scooter Rental Company
- Was instrumental in growing a social media management company into a INC 500 Fastest Growing Company as one of the first hires.
- Built the operational systems and processes that increased revenue by over $2 million in 2 years for a digital advertising agency, placing them on the INC5000 Fastest Growing Company in back to back years
- Served as the consultant for a digital advertising start up, obtaining the required financing, building the operational framework, and building a sales system that delivered on results immediately
- Worked with dozens of small businesses to improve their online presence and increased the revenue generated from their review sites and social media profiles.

I pride myself on my discipline and work ethic. My experience and track record are proof that my methods are efficient and generate revenue. Test my knowledge, pick my brain and let’s see where we can take your business.  When I’m not meeting with business owners, you can find me on a beach volleyball court, a golf course, or a nice bar with a shuffleboard table watching the Buffalo Bills on Sundays.

Director of operations

Christian Sianturi

I’m originally from Medan, Indonesia, but I have lived in the United States since 2010. My passion for business development really hit me at the Central Valley Emerging Leaders Summit at CSU Fresno.  That inspired me to get into the Marketing Program at California State University of Fresno where I received my Bachelor’s Degree.  I completed the MBA Program at Fresno Pacific University after that.  I realized how much I enjoyed teaching others as a Tutoring Consultant and learned how the business world worked as a Marketing Research Analyst at the Central Valley Business Incubator (CVBI).

be #smart - be efficient

Professionally, I have served as a Marketing Director for a Property Investment Firm, a Quantitative Analyst for an Insurance Company, and a Senior Account Manager for a Digital Advertising Company.  I’m a strong believer in open communication, diligent work ethic, and a positive attitude, and you will see it in our conversations.Outside of my professional career, I enjoy Japanese food, watching movies, hiking, badminton, anime and an adventurous road-trip. I can’t wait to hear more about your business!


Remote Team

We love how the internet has brought everyone closer. #Smart has been able to bring together some of the best and brightest digital marketers from the US and Canada to give you the best possible service.
Our team includes:
Website Developers
Content Creators
Blog Writers
Graphic Designers
Audio and Visual Specialists
Paid Advertising Experts
Social Media Managers
Customer Service Specialists
and more!

office Mascot


I come up with all the good ideas...
I only work for belly rubs and treats

Since starting with Paul, my company has seen a HUGE increase in our web presence. Thank you guys so much especially Paul for all your hard work!

Jonathan Vito


Working with Paul and his crew
is a pleasure; with his guidance
we have seen a tremendous
increase in lead flow.

Lisa Maushay


Great job! Speak with Paul
Mackiewicz. I'm confident you
will have a good experience.

Chuck Zimmerman


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